In the MORPHEUS project three Swedish WWTPs were investigated for the release of pharmaceuticals into the recipient. One of these was Degeberga WWTP which releases its treated wastewater into the Segesholmsån river, ending in the Baltic Sea. Segesholmsån river has a length of 23 km and an average flow of roughly 0,6 m3/s. The Segesholmsån [...]

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MORPHEUS realised its final conference in Lund, SE, 10 December 2019

With more than 60 participants representing stakeholders in the water sector, environmental protection agencies and research institutions from all over the South Baltic and wider Baltic Sea Region the MORPHEUS project realised its final conference in Lund, Sweden. The MORPHEUS partners presented the results of their three year cooperation, covering topics such as upstream pharmaceutical [...]

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MORPHEUS closes one of the main knowledge gaps to estimate the emission of pharmaceuticals into the environment of the South Baltic

With releasing the report on pharmaceutical consumption patterns in South Baltic Sea regions, […]

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MORPHEUS will present its results at the Final Conference in Lund, 10 December 2019!

The conference will give an overview on newest data on consumption and occurrence of pharmaceuticals in the South Baltic model areas of the MORPHEUS project. […]

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