Hands-on training at the analytical laboratory

On the 6-9th of May 2019 a Hands-on training was performed at the analytical laboratory MoLab in Kristianstad, Sweden. One person each from Germany, Poland and Lithuania was invited. This analytical workshop consisted of basically four parts:

  • Field sampling
  • Sample preparation
  • Final chemical analysis
  • Data integration

Samples were collected in a small river on the east coast of Region Skåne called “Rörums Södra Å”, which ends in the Baltic sea in the Hanöbukten Bay. In this small river, treated wastewater from the small town “St. Olof” is released. In order to study the effects of this release both an upstream sample as well as several downstream samples were taken along the river.

Apart from this river gradient each participant was also asked to bring 4 inlet and outlet water samples from a wastewater treatment plant of choice in their home countries. This was done to study differences in release of pharmaceuticals between days in a higher resolution. This knowledge will be used as part of the construction of road maps for upgrading the selected wastewater treatment plants with advanced treatment.

The results from the analytical workshop will also be available as part of the Morpheus official reports.

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